Paper voices

With Estibaliz Urresola we collaborate regularly in different productions and workshops. In the case of his first feature lenght documentary, Paper Voices, we made the direction of photography, camera, sound, editing and production management. Paper Voices was a documentary intended primarily for television, for EITB, the Basque Public Television. But for example, it was also premiered in the 64º San Sebastian International Film Festival.


August 19, 1937. Totalitarianism advances inexorably. Banished in Santander, Lehendakari Aguirre calls the musician Gabriel Olaizola to entrust him with a mission: «We will have lost the war, but it is our duty to continue fighting from the art». In that context, Eresoinka was born. It was the largest interdisciplinary group of Basque art formed by exiles, who conquered Paris and the best European stages, conveying a message of peace. But where does the force of art reside? Why can it be a combat tool?

Inazita Olaizola and Margaritte Trueba, survivors of the epic story, evoke the adventure of Eresoinka: the melody of the documentary. The accompaniments come from Marga Berra, Ione Miren Agirre and Pablo Ibarluzea, young Basque artists linked to Paris, who through their artistic disciplines illustrate similar aspects to the story of Eresoinka and the movement as a representation of life.

A Fascina production for EITB
with the participation of Euskaltel
With the collaboration of Aranzadi, Zazpi T’erdi and Filmotive

Genre: Documentary
Format: 2K 1.1:85
Sound: Stereo
Running time: 73 min.
Year: 2016
Original language: Basque, spanish and french
Subtitles: Basque, spanish and french



Screenplay and direction: Estibaliz Urresola
Executive producer: Alfredo Torrescalles
Line producer: Iñaki Sagastume
Cinematography: David Aguilar Iñigo
Sound: Pello Gutiérrez
Editing: Pello Gutiérrez eta Estibaliz Urresola
Sound mix: REC Grabaketa Estudioa
Producer EITB: Aintzane Pérez del Palomar
Delegate producer EITB: Elena Gozalo



Award Txapela de Oro for the Best Documentary. 2017 (Barcelona)

64º San Sebastian International Film Festival. Zinemira section
Museo EuskalHerria de Gernika.
Museo Vasco de Bayona.
Cines Laudio Zinema- Llodio.
Cine Aita Mari Antzokia Zumaia.
Espaloia Kafe Antzokia Elgeta.
Oihaneder Euskararen Etxea. Vitoria- Gasteiz.



Art is life. Life is movement.

A boxing ring, April 26, 1937. The name of a dance step by the International Ballet Academy or the Picasso’s Guernica connects the stories of Margaritte, Inazita, Philippe, Sr. Gabriela, Begoña, Pablo, Ione Miren and Marga. Life and art, all in movement. Two different times and two scenarios: past and present – Paris and the Basque Country. The framework is common to all, but from it arise different stories, experiences and reflections that are related and mean to compose a single melody: the transforming power of art. “Paper voices” is a documentary about the Movement that reveals the barely known story of Eresoinka, the first interdisciplinary artistic formation of traditional Basque culture that was born in exile, that conquered Paris and reached a great international impact until its dissolution with the outbreak of the Second World War.