Nao Yik

Documentary which, through the letters of Frances Wilkinson, an English woman who lived in China between the unsettled 30’s and 50’s, takes us on a journey to today’s China, comparing the letters’ point of view with that of the documentary-maker. A game of contrasts video-diary style involving the intimate reading of the letters by Frances’ granddaughter.

A Zazpi T’erdi and Filmotive production
With the support of the INAAC, Navarra Government

Genre: Essay-documentary
Running time: 59-61 min
Format: HD
Sound: Estéreo
Language: English and chinese
Subtitles: Spanish, french and english
Year: 2011
Shot on Shanghai, Fuzhou, Gutien, Yongding and Peitian, China

Voice: Rebecca Wilkinson
Original letters: Frances Wilkinson
Director: David Aguilar
Script: Pello Gutiérrez, Rebecca Wilkinson, David Aguilar
DA: Rebecca Wilkinson
Line producer: Iñaki Sagastume
Zazpi T’erdi producers: Pello Gutiérrez, David Aguilar
Executive producers: Andrew Wilkinson e Iñaki Sagastume
Cinematography: David Aguilar
Best Boy: Izai Wilkinson
Sound: Pello Gutiérrez
Original music: Ilia Mayer, Alvaro Ledesma
Editing: David Aguilar
Sound mix: Aurelio Martínez
42º ALCINE. Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares (First prize)

59º Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián. 2011 (Sección Zinemira a concurso)
44º Muestra cinematográfca del Atlántico, Alcances. 2012. (Sección mediometrajes a concurso)
14ª Muestra Documental Internacional. Colombia. (Sección Internacional)
1er Festival de Poesía de Guardetxe. Donostia
Casa Asia. Barcelona
Cineclub Kresala. Donostia
Cineclub FAS. Bilbao
Karama Human Rights FF, Mid Cycle. Festival de la India y Derechos Humanos
Festival de Cine Político de Buenos Aires. Argentina
31º Festival Internacional de Cine. Cinemateca Uruguaya

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Director’s notes
This is an epistolary and personal film written in the first person in the present and the first person in the past. Letters written 70 years ago and images filmed today contrast each other. A new story is created which is then developed further by the audience’s interpretation. Frances’s letters are poetic in the way she puts words together. Writing is seemingly a mechanical action, whereas here it takes on a new dimension. New perspectives are opened which spread anecdotes on many levels.
This was my motivation and the challenge. Following on with the expression Frances had begun with her letters and bringing them together in this film. The result is Nao Yik – Hot Noise.