Ikusleak (Those who see)

Jesus Mª Palacios is a long-term collaborator in our house. In the film Ikusleak we did the editing together with him.

In June 1931, two months after the proclamation of the Second Republic in Spain, the Virgin appeared to two boys in Ezquioga, in the Basque Country.
This event was succeeded by a spectacle of collective visions, trances and ecstasies that eventually congregated over 80,000 people in a single day.
Among the prophecies was one that warned that in Spain there would be a war between Catholics and non-Catholics.
In the build-up of this phenomenon, photography played a leading role.

An Uts Zero Filmes production

Original title: Ikusleak
English title: Those who see
Genre: Documentary
Lenght: 21 min
Gender: Documental
Year: 2018
Original format: Archival photographs – HD Conversion
Screening format: DCP
Original language: Spanish, basque
Subtitles: English, spanish, basque
Production company: Uts Zero Filmes

Director: Jesus Mª Palacios
Director assistant: Aitor Maroto
Photographies: Joaquín Sicart, Vidal Castillo y José Martinez
Editing: Zazpi T ‘erdi and Jesus Mª Palacios
Sound design, music, sound mix: Xabier Erkizia
VF: Unai Guerra
Production company: Uts Zero Filmes

-Best social short film at FESTIFIL – Festival La Fila de Cortometrajes.
-Special jury mention SHORT OF THE YEAR


-Cinemateca Uruguaya, under the umbrella of Zinebi and Etxepare. 2019
-Festival Internacional de Cine Digital Experimental (Espacio ENTER Canarias) 2018
-Certamen video corto joven Decortoán. España. 2018
-Punto de Vista. Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Navarra. Paisaia section. 2018
-Zinebi. Festival Internacional de cine documental y cortometraje de Bilbao. Bertakoak section. 2018
-Alcances. Festival de cine documental. Shortfilms competition. 2018