Zazpi T'erdi

Pello Gutiérrez, David Aguilar Iñigo e Iñaki Sagastume are three friends who works collectively in the mix of audiovisual genders. Their work pay special attention to the process and the relation with reality. Their films goes from non fiction to experimental cinema.

Zazpi t’erdi’s filmography includes La vía flotante (2019, X-films project), Zain (2018 Kimuak Catalogue), Converso (2017 Theatrical Release, Basque documentary with better Box Office of the year), Ozpinaren sindromea (2017 Special Mention Alcances), Mara Mara (2016, Best Cinematography Alcine), Oírse (2013, Best medium-length film Alcances) and Nao yik (2011 Best medium-length film Alcine), among others.

They have also included non fiction films to the performing arts scene working together with different theatre companies in two plays: Biutz (2012), and Heriotza Bikoitza (2018).

They also organise, among with other collectives like Mikelazulo and Banda Bat, the documentary film festival LUPA and the experimental  sound and video festival NOKODEK.

Zazpi T’erdi
C/ Fuente de la salud 10, Bajo Dcha
20006 Donostia-San Sebastián
Tel.: +34.943458989